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Recovery Home

Captive Hearts recovery homes are safe havens for women who have either been appointed by the Court system to go into a recovery program or self-refer seeking a rehabilitative program to help them get back on their feet. Our focus is also on their children, who have experienced abuse and neglect if their mother is using, and to get the client back to their home sober and clean.

Our clients are asked to fill out an application form detailing pertinent questions that will assist us in meeting their needs. They are then interviewed for at least two hours by our Program Director and counselors and given the House Rules for being in the home. They are also asked to fill out forms that are used during their intake: Application to Captive Hearts, Intake Assessment, Individual Treatment Goals, Assessment of Risk to Self/Others, and a No Suicide Contract.

No matter the means of their arrival, the women come face to face with their past to receive healing and acceptance through unconditional love.