Captive Hearts has established homes that will accommodate a housemother and up to nine women who have been designated through the Court system to go into a recovery program or to those who come on their own seeking a rehabilitative program to help them get back on their feet. In this safe-haven environment, they come face to face with their past to receive healing and acceptance through unconditional love.

We have established a program that has proven adequate in the development of a well-rounded person. The program is from six months to one year depending upon a person’s progress and is not dependent if one is Court ordered or not.

One of the greatest joys is seeing the transformation that takes place in the lives of our ladies as they come into our recovery home beaten down and feeling hopeless, having lost everything, sometimes even their children. Most have reached the bottom and don’t see a way out. It takes determination and a lot of hard work as they surrender to work a program of discipline and changing their behavior. Without the commitment of LeeAnn and Cyd, Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselors, and our housemothers, we would not see such positive results.

We also have picnics and fellowship, beach outings and time with family. One of our greatest desires is to see families restored.