Captive Hearts was organized in March 2000 in the home of Chaplain Judy Boen, its founder and executive director.  It was birthed out of a vision for hurting individuals who had given up hope and had nowhere to turn for help.  We are located on the Central Coast in Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo County, California, midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In 2001, we incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in response to the growing need for in-patient and transitional residential sober living and recovery services for women in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. We began teaching classes in a local recovery home for women on the Central Coast.  In early 2003, we opened an office in Grover Beach where women who had been released from jail and/or prison were given follow-up care, guidance and loving support.  Our staff and volunteers reach out with unconditional love to touch the unlovable not only to those who are incarcerated, but to those whose lives are broken in our community.



Chaplain Judeth Boen, San Luis Obispo County Women’s Jail

Our team of volunteers visit women inmates at the San Luis Obispo County Jail on Tuesdays each week.  We have four teams of women who go into the jail each week to encourage and assist inmates and officers, as well as their families in an effort to bring love and hope to them.  Chaplain Judy teaches a class on Tuesdays as well, but spends most of her time ministering one on one in counseling sessions. With approval from the jail authorities, we also supply Bibles and reading materials to those asking for them.  Once they are released, we follow up and make our services available, offer community service hours, if needed, and be there for them as a community support.



Our After Care Program is designed for those released from or sentenced to jail through the Court system and are willing to attend classes and make the necessary changes to live healthy and productive lives.  The program works closely with the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties Court systems, probation departments, local judges, as well as other programs such as Drug and Alcohol Services, Dept. of Social Services, A.A., and N.A.  We often serve as liaison for the women through these groups.  Many are often referred by government agencies and other groups for various types of assistance, in addition to those who come on their own.

Captive Hearts has many outreach agendas within this immediate community for the less fortunate including clothing and blanket distribution, when available, and an educational center.