Captive Hearts recovery homes are safe havens for women needing a rehabilitation program. We not only focus on the client but we know that addiction affects the entire family. We believe that healing the root causes of addiction brings true freedom and wholeness.

Captive Hearts strives to help women heal and recover through the in-depth groups, support and structure we provide. Our program goes much deeper to help our clients heal mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our Mission

Our mission is “Bringing Healing to Hurting Humanity.”  We are dedicated to providing practical and spiritual training but we prepare our clients to return to their families and communities, healed from the chains of bondage, addiction and trauma.

Our Goal

That those we counsel and mentor realize their dreams as they move into their destiny and become the people they were truly meant to be. We work to see whole families restored and healed. Our clients learn how to recover, break free from their addictions, pasts, anger and grief. They also learn how to set healthy boundaries in their lives–tools they will need once they enter back into society.


Captive Hearts makes weekly visits to the San Luis Obispo County Jail to provide guidance and support to those in need.

Office Front

We offer educational classes once a week facilitated by teachers from Allan Hancock College.

Education Classes

Our purpose is to extend unconditional love and grace to those affected by abuse, addiction and need inner healing.

Volunteer Workers Wanted!

Ready to broaden your life experience? Captive Hearts has assorted opportunities for persons to give their time and talents to women caught up in the consequences of their former chaotic lifestyle.

Please click below to download an application and see which opportunities may make you a good fit in helping us fulfill our mission in “Bringing Healing to Hurting Humanity”.    Then mail or fax it to us to start your journey!

Ready for a Change?

Then take the next step by clicking below to fill out the application to the home and to review the expectations of those who are accepted into the Captive Hearts Recovery Home.