Our Vision

Bringing Healing To Hurting Humanity


Our Mission

Captive Hearts Recovery Services is a faith-based, 12-step program for women that brings healing to the devastating affects of substance abuse and trauma.

Through licensed Addiction Specialists, we provide in-depth process groups, individual counseling, education on the psychology of addiction, equine therapy (working with horses), case management and Bible study.


What does success look like at Captive Hearts?

When our clients are engaged in their recovery, free from addiction and aware of and working on the root causes of their addictions.

When our clients stand tall, proud of their accomplishments and learning and are able to return to their families, work, and relationships with love, hope and health.

When our clients are living life to the fullest, accomplishing their goals and dreams and walking in their God given destinies.

Here’s 2 powerful Stories of our graduates featured on the 700 club!

Captive Hearts makes weekly visits to the San Luis Obispo County Jail to provide guidance and support to those in need.

We provide daily psychoeducational groups, classes, recovery meetings, counseling and a weekly computer/ college class facilitated by teachers from Hancock College.

Our purpose is to extend unconditional love and help to individuals and families affected by addiction and trauma. We truly believe, no matter how far down a life has gone, there is ALWAYS hope!

Ready for a Change?

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Volunteer Workers Wanted!

Ready to broaden your life experience? Captive Hearts has assorted opportunities for persons to give their time and talents to women caught up in the consequences of their former chaotic lifestyle.

Please click below to download an application and see which opportunities may make you a good fit in helping us fulfill our mission in “Bringing Healing to Hurting Humanity”.    Then mail or fax it to us to start your journey!